OVO Marvins Room Sylenth Bank V2.

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We did it again the preset bank that everyone was naming as “One Of The Best Banks Ever Is back” with OVO Marvins Room V2. If you own V1 I don’t really need to say anything more about this preset bank. You already know what to expect and will most likely not even bother reading this as well LOL. This preset bank as created around the Drake OVO sounds and they are ALL CUSTOM BULIT.

You will hear amazing sounds you will be able to use to create any type of beat you can image. This preset bank offers; Leads, Pads, Bass, Bass Synths, Plucks, Keys, FX and more. You won’t have any questions because even super producer Super Star O uses this preset bank to create beats.

Inspired by: Drake OVO style sounds


Co-Made By Sound Empire, Mr.



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